After a brief time away from TooFewSteps to collect and experience my thoughts as opposed to jotting them straight down on here, I have returned. * cue angelic chorus* 

 Since last we spoke, many glorious things have been a happening. Such as a trip to Serbia’s second city Novi Sad, a hellish bus journey down to the epic tranquility of Macedonia, a few board meetings back in the U.K., a wedding, a few gigs, and a lot of walking about. 

 As well as Ben’s bumballing Balkan adventures, our editor and cofounder Raz has had some interesting times out in France,Turkey, and England. So you best be looking forward to those tales too! 

 Back in Brčko, I got a lot of time on my hands, so let’s get you all updated and reading TooFewSteps again. Hope that you all are well and that you are staying safe. 

 Much love, you beautiful people. 


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