Zdravo. Do Novog Sada? cheers m8.

After the cooking and consumption of the two remaining eggs I owned*, and with a couple of parting words in broken-local to my cleaning lady, I set out of my house and made my way toward the bus station. Protein inside me enough to keep me moving, a confusion that always comes from slugging part way through a conversation with the center’s on-retainer maintenance staff member, and enough tobacco to last two and an a couple of inches worth of cigarettes; hopefully with all of this stimuli, I will last the bus journey’s that await me without napping and missing the stops I need along the way. SPOILER; I napped.

It is that time again TooFewSteppers, another inspirational tale of training, intrigue, informal educational lesson structures, sitting around a circle dunking biscuits into brews and attempting to conjugate verbs in other languages for fun. YES! I am going to Sremski Karlovci, by way of Novi Sad, to an EVS/SALTO Mid-Term Evaluation Week. OH THE JOY OF IT!
Last time I went on one of these excursions, it took awhile to rattle out all of the detail and for that, izvini**. So with this in mind, Im going to do a little opener (the post you’re reading) and end with hopefully a couple of travel blog worthy posts (that you will read, you have no chose in the matter).

So please, enjoy your weeks until I annoy you once more with another instalment.

*Veganuary didn’t make a believer out of me, though vegetarianism is making a bloody strong case


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