Hello lovely people!
Good [enter your time of day here] to you all!

This week, I thought that I would give myself a week off from writing to you all and this time I am not sorry. Taking time away from one another makes the heart grow fonder. Let’s just not be away for too long, ok? Like… a year? That would be bloody horrible!  Bloody horrible indeed. Also, when I am away from the keyboard I acquire new material to bring to you. (I was told this past week that these posts were too personal… I know see this and will not change my style).

Now. The title. This is a segment that Raz and I (co-founder, editor, puts up with my shit-guy) wanted to start a long time ago under different circumstances with a more scientific approach taken… but I was passing by a gym and fancied a workout. So here is the first of a possible long runner segment for TFS… TFR!
I am a scrawny human male. If you think of Christian Bale’s the ‘Machinist’ crossed with Steve Buscemi in any role, then you would be able to imagine my body type. My frame is rather broad, muffin top just drooping over my belt line when I stand. Finding the time to add some muscle to my frame and shed my donut, is hard to come by. Especially when travelling. Though now I am rooted here in Brcko, making the change to my daily schedule become a necessity.

As of now, Kolos Fitnes Centar in Brcko has it’s first and only British member. Attending the gym five days a week to start with. Eating more healthily (all the almonds, oats, and linseed that I could get my grubby little hands on). It’s a start, and after talks with my editor (aforementioned cool guy), I’m sure we can turn this into something interesting.

Here is what I worked today, for those interested;

4xsets Lat Pulldown
3xsets Incline Dumbbell Flyes
3xsets Push Ups
3xsets Bench Dips
4xsets Cable Crossovers
3xsets Tricep Pushdown
3xsets Triceps Overhead
2xsets Skull Crushers
1xdropset Bench Press – Smith Machine

*all of these exercises were performed using low weights
**workout is loosely based on Dark Knight workout/shit I recall from following Raz around in the gym back in the U.K.


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