Veganuary is over; why the fuck am I still into linseed?

Second of February.
Two days after the event.
I finished my (somewhat) successful stint at maintaining a vegan lifestyle.

It has been an eye-opening experience, one I think has given me more energy, a healthy respect for the people I know who are vegans (fucking hard sometimes, folks), and I believe that the experience has heavily increased my pallet. Adding new flavours and textural combos to something that, as of late, had only had the pleasure of Balkan pastries and black coffee to nullify itself.

Things that I’ve learnt;
– courgettes are not the devil,
– lin seeds are the shit,
– fried pumpkin seeds married with pickled red peppers are delicate,
– ice cream made from blended frozen banana segments + water + cacao powder = heaven, – oddly toast topped with grapefruit slices, salt, pepper, and paprika is rather nice,
– soya mince/chunks are super tasty. Hydrate those peeps, marinade them in WHATEVER you fancy, tuck in,
– learnt how to make pita bread… by accident. Tried to make a tortilla, screwed up, threw all of my mix in a pan, boom… a kind of pita bread,
– walnuts win…

These are just the things that I remember. The courgette one is a damn miracle, bloody hate those jerks with a passion. But this month has brought out the best in them. Noice.
Having those two lovely veggie housemates move halfway through January was a stroke of luck, otherwise I may have died. Looking for vegan recipes was easy. Implementing them with my lazy demeanour, not so much. So having a support system in play helped the process greatly.
Though YES, I did cheat. But I live in Bosnia, am not fluent yet (by far), and my intentions do sometimes get lost in translation. The biggest thing I did that I regret is drinking coffee with milk on days I felt down. Lactose gave me the kick I need to teach kids the importance of instrumental recognition and the badassery of Ben E. King. Curse you, milk.

Definitely something I will look back on fondly, and a lot of the recipes and ideas I picked up will stay with me for a very long time. For now, I am taking a week of eating the food I missed most; eggs. Meat I can take or leave, but EGGS?!?! That was a toughy. Those of you who know me personally and have had the misfortune of having your breakfast cooked by me know that my favourite morning meal is Eggs Molotov*.

Give it a try, dear readers! Through some linseed into your water bottle for a creamy, protein filled experience. Swap the mince in your chilli for minced soy. Bung some almond milk in your coffee. These little things add up to a healthier you (probably. I’m not a nutritionist, I’m merely a mook).


* Eggs + hot sauce + toast = Eggs Molotov. You’re welcome.


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