two new veggie housemates

 Good afternoon TooFewSteppers. Hope that I am finding you well on this rather lovely Sunday. Did y’all party last night? You better had done, as sleep is for the week (Frank Turner™).
 I did. Woke up with a sick hangover and decided squats and crunches were the best cure for that… and oddly I was right. Married with a gallon or two of H2O, a soy-chunk and avocado quesadilla, some coffee, and I am right as rain. Welcome to the new morning routine Benji, the thunder dome is no longer an option (the thunder dome is what I call waiting a hangover out and letting your head pound away till it is too tired. Thunder Dome Chrome is a trademarked phrase coined by Ben Owens, on TooFewSteps… Lawyer up, suckas)

 Last night was a rather special little shindig. It was the one week anniversary of Bonnie & Joel coming to us. B&J are a lovely Australian couple, who have taken a two month rest in their tour of the globe to work here, in Bosnia, at the youth centre. Jazz guitarist, long haired fellow. Small, artistic foodie lady. Living in the house with Alex and I  (Alex is the best, and we love him. Sporty, gamer dude).
 The both of them are great additions to the already brilliant team, as they cast light and warmth wherever they go. Including the workshops, daily lessons, home life, walks out and about. You get the picture. I am buzzed about their arrival. As are the rest of the team, I’m sure. Eleonore (artsy, bilingual angel), Monica (graceful, endearing leader lady), Yunus (cheeky, young faced lad), and Taha (freakin’ movie star looking beaut). That is the international roster for you, now the local volunteers that contribute; Adin (metal head, heart of sulphur), and Milica (fierce in battle, sweet in general).

 The team now is ready for the year, and as I am the last person to leave Bosnia out of the international team, I am dreading the day when they all go. Will be stuck with Adin… bummer. Ah well, gonna live it good while I can. 

Thunder Dome Chrome™


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