cheaters; in politics and a veganuary promise

People of the world unite!

Today sucks for democracy. A man who lost the popular vote is about to be sworn in to the highest seat in the world*, the democratic changing of the guard is being postponed as the former leader is refusing to leave office on the African continent, and BREXIT is as confusing as ever. All this madness aside, here is a TooFewSteps update.
I know that it is something we all need right now.

Howdy folks. Been a while since last I wrote to you (only a week, so I don’t feel all that bad… not too bad, but bad all the same) so I thought I’d get to you today of all days as I haven’t all that much to do. Due to the non-stop flurry of snow in Brčko, and the east wind freezing it all a to sheets of ice sat on the roads, attendance has dwindled to a halt at the youth center this month. Which means I’ve had a lot less to do.
Local language lessons have been a healthy constant for us, and admin maintenance (time sheets and monthly reports of the like), and thankfully all of the evening workshops have started back up. Fitness with Alex is back, Monica’s English language workshop is in full swing, art class led by Eleonore has us leaving the centre with paint stained clothes and charcoal coated fingertips. All is well at the center. All we need now is a healthy flow of participants, young and old.

All work stuff aside, I told you all that I was participating in Veganuary; taking the first month of 2017 and vowing to yourself that you will eat only vegan-esque goods. It’s a fucking awesome idea, and I hoped to rid my body of all non-vegetable substances… which was a lovely thought for me to have, but I done fucked up on a couple of occasions.
Namely, when I celebrated Serbian Christmas and ate smoked sausages with my lady’s family, and when ate cevapi when Mon & Ele came back after New Years. Also my lack of complex conversational skills worked against me in ordering food at certain outlets. I may have eaten pastries laden with salami and cheese. I was weak, and in a vulnerable state. I apologise to you sweet reader, for I hath failed you. But I have learnt how to make pita bread and other cool things. To help me on this half successful venture, I follow the /r/VeganRecipes on Reddit, and these rad blogs… if you fancy checking out a vegan lifestyle, I highly suggest these peeps;

Give these sites a gander, see if you fancy giving veganistic meals a go. They are very tasty and I feel incredible. Like I could punch a freaking tree right now and would be ok… apart from the guilt of punching a helpless tree. Let me know your findings.
Much love peeps. Keep up the great work of being yourself.


*NOT the highest seat in the political world. watch the Newsroom… dated a couple of years but the opening speech is as relevant today than it was then. 


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