against all odds; a package arrived

Now is the Winter of my discomfort
made insufferable sombre by this Balkan sun;
And all the clouds that lour’d upon my house
in the swells of the city, ‘neath six inches of snow buried…
Ben Owens paraphrasing Billy Shakespeare for comedic effect.

 Hello toofewsteppers, and happy 10th of January to you. In my last post, I wrote to you about my love of snow. Saying it is the best form of precipitation, a spectacle for the senses. A joy for all ages to frolic through and, in its splendour, rejoice…. that was my last post. Unlike the weather, my opinion is changing.

 The fresh blanket of snow that I awake to each morning is starting to get on my nerves. The resulting icy roads, slippery sidewalks, dwindling participants at the youth center due to transportation complications, and the fact that I need to walk everywhere heel-to-toe, looking like Young Frankenstein’s Monster. I am trying hard to love yah, snow. You are the seasonal equivalent of sugar coated cashew nuts to me. Can we please get back to what we were?
 Best Buds? Please baby, please, thank you and goodnight.

 Thankfully, the cold isn’t freezing out my internal organs and  freezing off my limbs one by one, as I received a package before the New Year. A giant shoe box wrapped in an inside-out Bag For Life from Asda packed full of seasonal goodies… and by goodies, I mean thermal pantaloons.
 After looking at the forecasts in Bosnia, the lovely people that are my folks sent me a care package full of thermal items to clamber into each morning and fall out of each night.
Picture a cozy Iron-Man, and you won’t be far off how it feels to assemble the various items of clothing around my person everyday. It’s freaking collected and calculated insulation!
Amongst the package were a pair of thick gloves, three long sleeved thermal shirts, a couple of pairs of pants, and two pairs of knee high socks. I’m as snug as a pug in a rug, why shrug?

 Thank you to the Owens’ for keeping my fingers from frost.
 It’s your fault I am still typing.
 I love you dearly.

 and with that… adieu


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