a bout of light boxing day blues

When I came to Bosnia I knew that I would not come back to my hometown for the holidays. Though Christmas is a special time of year for my family and I, I chose not to return home for the winter festivities as I have only been in Balkans for two months. The decision came from a feeling of counter productivity, change, and a fondness for the place I am at. Physically and emotionally. New friends, partners in crime, mentors, and loved ones are all here too. So why not spend this special time with the new people in my life. They have brought me much happiness; so I wish to return the favour.

Thankfully we live in a world where technology reigns and we tap into it at points of knowledgeable thirst, boredom, and the horror that is productivity. To whit; video messaging your relatives on Christmas day is a very doable thing. All seems well in the household. Smiling faces, outlandish hilarity, and fairy lights twinkling on and off in the background. Definitely the closest I’ve felt to home in months. After seeing my folks, Xmas was all winding down. The food had all been eaten and I started to fall into the holiday slump, when you’ve been defeated by food and are aching for a comfier pair of pants. Letting the sounds of Luke, Leia, Han and Chewbacca’s adventures on the Falcon lull me to sleep.

Boxing Day sucks as it means Christmas is over for another year or so (who actually knows when the next Christmas will be?) so that is where most of the blues came from. That and the fact I awoke to the news of George Michael’s passing on the twenty fifth. He was an inspiration, a talent, and one hell of a dancer. All I can really do is wish George a goodnight and to crank up the WHAM! in an effort to jive them blues away…

Happy Holidays to you all.
I’ll try and get in touch before 2017.
If I don’t get in touch before then, have a Happy New Year. 


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